Transfer Your Cruise to VIP Vacation Pros

At VIP Vacation Pros, we’re excited to welcome you aboard! If you’ve booked a cruise directly with the cruise line and now wish to transfer your reservation to us, follow these simple steps:
  1. Contact the Cruise Line:

    • Reach out to the cruise line’s customer service or reservations department.
    • Inform them of your intention to transfer your reservation to VIP Vacation Pros.
  2. Request the Transfer Process:

    • Ask the cruise line representative about their specific transfer process.
    • They will guide you on the necessary steps and any associated fees (if applicable).
  3. Permission and Authorization:

    • The cruise line will require your authorization to transfer the booking.
    • You may need to sign a form or provide written consent.
  4. Provide VIP Vacation Pros’ Information:

    • Share our contact details with the cruise line:
      • Agency: Cruises and Tours
      • Phone:(904)739-2224
      • Email: sales@vipvacationpros.com
  5. VIP Vacation Pros Takes Over:

    • Once the transfer is initiated, the cruise line will update the booking to reflect VIP Vacation Pros as your new travel agency.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation from us.
  6. Enjoy the Benefits:

    • As part of the VIP Vacation Pros family, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks:
      • Personalized service.
      • Access to special promotions and our exclusive perks.
      • Expert advice and assistance.
  7. Review Your Booking:

    • Double-check all details, including cabin category, dining preferences, and any special requests.
    • We’ll ensure everything aligns with your travel preferences.
  8. Countdown to Sail Away:

    • Relax and let us handle the rest!
    • We’ll be in touch with any updates or additional information.

Remember, transferring your direct cruise reservation to VIP Vacation Pros is seamless, and you’ll gain access to our exceptional service and insider knowledge. Bon voyage!

For any questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. We’re excited to be part of your upcoming cruise adventure!


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